friday favorites: wallpaper, 2.0

Our home is an historic structure, built in1895, the year Grover Cleveland was President and serving out his second non-consecutive term. I often find myself thinking about the people who lived here. I wonder about the Colorado women of the 1890s who occupied our space. What did they read? Did they spend time in mountains over long weekends? Did they cook? Enjoy cocktails? Gather around the fireplace? Look up at the stars? Garden or discuss politics? Raise a family here? Love wallpaper as much as I do? The list goes on…

Not that long ago, our home had been carved up into apartment units before being re-converted into a single-family residence, about a decade ago. Lots of historic details remain, but the personal style of the home's original inhabitants has long since been removed. When we bought our house about 2 1/2 years ago, all the plaster walls had been painted a neutral off-white/cream color. But I've been working hard to give the rooms a bit of color, pattern and a touch of us…mostly, in the form of wallpaper.

It's been about 35 weeks since we put Hygge & West in the entryway, and over a year since we hung fig wallpaper from Miss Prints in the kitchen. I've been pacing myself and saving up for a new project. I think it might be time to consider something for the bathroom or bedroom! (Maybe an early birthday present?) I'll keep you posted. 

Here are some of my favorite wall coverings right now. I started off with a design from Badgers of Bohemia that I spotted while working at ICFF. I mean really, a sloth smoking a hookah!? Need I say more?




Click here for my first wallpaper round up. 

Note if you're in the Denver metro area and looking for someone to hang your paper, my recommendation is Tony of Corbell Interiors

Top row L to R:

Middle Row L to R:

Bottom Row L to R:

Entryway, before (and before) and after (and after):

The kitchen...

friday favorites: wallpaper round-up!

What can I say? I'm obsessed with wallpaper.  It can add texture, depth, brightness, lightness, whimsy, formality, or color to any room. And there are so many stunning options out there…

A few weeks ago we hung some Miss Prints wallpaper in our kitchen. We covered one wall, but just a few rolls of paper made our drab space pop. The wallpaper completely transformed the room, which now seems brighter, lighter, and just more fun than it was before. I looked through quite a few samples at the Covered Wallpaper, but when I spotted the fig wallpaper I knew it was the one. 

I've been bitten by the wallpaper bug and I've got my eye on the downstairs bathroom, Otis and Theodore's room, and our entryway.  I'll have to pace myself, but it's hard. There are so many good wallpaper choices and none of them remind me of the weird/dated floral number that hung in my parents' kitchen for most of my life (sorry, mom!). Today's wall coverings can be modern, unique, and creative works of art.

Here are some of my favorites. I hope it gives you some inspiration. Chime in if your  favorite is not included. Enjoy!


1. Tree of Life from Timorous Beasties
2. Auva from Trove
3. That Highly Intelligent Clam by Katie Deedy for Grow House Grow
4. Dino Wallpaper by Sian Zeng, spotted on Simply Grove. (There's a magnetic option too!) 
5. From Eskayel. All their collections are terrific.
6. Spot from Abnormals Anonymous
7. Wabi from Calico
8. Nethercote by Julie Rothman for Hygge & West
9. Chinatown Toile by Dan Funderburgh for Flavor Paper
10. Archives Wallpaper (Alt Deutsch) by Studio Job for NLXL 
11. Luxury from Flavor Paper
12. Trace from Trove.

Thank you Dania Ahmad and Carly Loman (both at DLD PR) for your wallpaper input and collage assistance!