Mood Board: Morocco

I've travelled to a good number of places, but one destination that has eluded me is Morocco. It's a country that is high on my bucket list and recently I've found myself "pinning" away on my Maroc board. I'd love to immerse myself in the culture, eat tagine, learn how to tile, hike around the Atlas Mountains and wander through the souks. Sleeping in one of those beautifully designed riads would make the trip complete! 

For the past year I've been doing a "country of the week" with my boys. We spin the globe, close our eyes, and stop its movement with a pencil eraser. Then we study whatever country we've landed on for the next 7-10 days. We talk about culture, language, government, history, food, design and art. When possible, I also try to find something local here in Denver that complements our "country of the week." For example, while we were studying Japan the "Samurai" exhibit was at the Denver Art Museum, we grabbed paletas on Federal Blvd. when we were learning about Mexico, and we ate delicious hummus at Damascus when landed on Syria (we also spoke of ways we could help the refugees fleeing civil war).

This week we are studying Morocco so you'll definitely find me eating at Maatam Fez on Colfax! And since I have Sephardic-Moroccan heritage on my biological/paternal side, this week's country really resonates with me personally and it's something I've been looking forward to!

Here's our Moroccan mood board. Enjoy!

Top left to right...

1. Berber Rug. You can support Moroccan artisans and their work though these two sites: Green Olive Art // Anou

2. Grey Sabra Pillow via Proud Mary Global Textiles (Org).

3. The Colorado "Home of the Year": Kamil and Glo Tazi's ranch via Colorado Homes & Lifestyles. (Tazi is a native of Morocco whose family immigrated to NYC in 1966. He's been living in Douglas County, CO for 22 years and his home blends both cultures in the most magnificent way.) Photos by Gibeon Photography

4. Riad courtyard.

5. Cosmic Dessert by Justina Blakeney for Hygge & West (available through WallTawk)

6. Cushions inspired by Moroccan gardens from BlueBellGray

7. Another image from the Tazi Ranch via Colorado Homes & Lifestyles.

8. Riad (yes, please!)

9. Tiling details 

10. Stefan Hengst Wallcoverings. 

11. Handmade tiles made in Morocco by Popham Design.

12. Tile-envy via This Is Glamourous.

13. Barons Eye Blouse via H.K.M

14. Gardens at La Gazelle d'Or in Taoudant via Trendland.

15. Wallpaper by KelseyProud through Rockett St George

16. Berber woman, via National Geographic.

17. Palmyra Lamp by Moving Mountains (which is named after the ancient caravan Syrian city, but we think evokes a North African feel as well).