Mood Board: The American Southwest

I've been captivated by the American Southwest ever since we (my father, mother, brother and I) took a family trip and travelled throughout the region in 1986. My parents rented an enormous motor home/RV and we drove across 4 states over a 2 week period. I was 10 at the time, and when we stopped at the Grand Canyon I remember saying, "One day I'm going to live out here..." To which my mother, in her very-Bronx-accent, responded, "Yeah, right." (The rest is history!)

We officially kicked off summer this week and I, for one, can't wait until we start road-tripping across Utah and New Mexico! One of the benefits of living in Denver, in addition to everything that is going on here and the proximity we have to the mountains, is that we're only a few hours away from the desert and its magnificent sunsets. Oh, and huge cacti too! Here are a few of our favorites things right now...


Amangiri//Sarah Sherman Samuel at Amangiri (Utah)

Nopales, Eric Roinestad. 

Dark Skies by Deviant Art.

Aurora by Calico (available through WallTawk).

Outside on the Porch by Tracy Stuckey through Visions West Gallery (Denver, CO)

Outerwear by Mara Hoffman

Vases by Elyse Graham

Horizon Pillow, Aviva Stanoff.

Another Rug by & Tradition and All The Way to Paris via APLUSRSTORE

Cactus Spirit by Aimee Wilder (available through WallTawk)