friday favorites: ceramics + pottery

I've been feeling a creative pang recently-- the kind that makes me want to work with my hands and create one-of-a-kind pieces. Maybe it's because my job is design-related and a good chunk of my day is spent pouring over beautiful handmade items... 
Anyway, the last time I attempted anything artistic, or tried something that was completely new-to-me, was about 6 years ago when I signed up for a glass-blowing class in Brooklyn. The instructor was wonderful and I learned a lot, but my little productions were never really anything exceptional. Don't get me wrong, I love what I was able to make and I still have all the pieces that made it out of the kiln alive (you can never have too many vases- even if some of them look, unfortunately, like ashtrays). But at the end of the day, glass blowing just didn't come naturally to me. And I'm kind of hoping that ceramics might. I'd love to take a nighttime or weekend class once my boys are in school full-time…but until then, there are these beauties to choose from! 

1. Silver dollar bowls from Haand Ceramics
2. Inesa Malafej for Rosenthal, spotted on Design Milk
3. Ben Medansky mugs for Poketo
4.  Alabama Chanin deep serving bowl from Heath Ceramics
5. Stitches by Menu, spotted on Style Files
6. Porcelain condiment dishes from Herriott Grace
7. Coupe line salad plate from Heath Ceramics
8. Laurel Pie Dish by Farmhouse Pottery
9. Ribbed Sake set from Pigeon Toe Ceramics
10. 4 Wave dinner plates from Young in the Mountains
11. Hand pitchers from Frances Palmer Pottery 

Thank you Carly, my colleague at DLD PR, for putting the collage together.
Note: this is not a sponsored post and I have no relationship with the companies and products listed here. They are recommendations that are simply heartfelt!