friday favorites: brass

I love brass design- from planters, to kitchen utensils, to lighting - it just seems to work well in our home and I think it’s a nice color for fall too. So this week I decided to round-up some of my favorite designs in the color of the moment (at least according to me), brass!

My love affair with brass – am I the only one to get that Beastie Boys song stuck in my head whenever I hear the word “brass?”- started around the time LindseyAdelman posted instructions on how to assemble one of her designs using brass parts that cost around $100, a considerable markdown from the hefty 5-digit price tag her designs usually cost. When Lindsey let the world in on her fabulous DIY lighting system called the You-Make-It Chandelier, it went viral. I saw it hereherehere and here. And before long I found myself thinking, “If those bloggers can do it then why can’t I do the same…?” Well it turns out that some of those bloggers had partners who were electricians by profession, or they're absurdly handy, or they have a spare 18 hours- and a ton of patience- to spend putting bulbs and sockets together.  It turns out that I'm not as handy as I thought and assembling this brass chandelier was harder than it looked…it was also driving me nuts! 

Almost 6 months have passed since I posted this photo on Instagram, and in the time I’ve hardly made any progress. But last week I heard of a business in town that will assemble problem chandeliers for a small fee, and yes, I'm surrendering and having someone else take a stab at it. I’m dropping off our light on Monday and I have high hopes that there will be a fantastic brass chandelier hanging over our dining room table in no time at all! Then maybe I’ll get a brass planter to go with it and some nice brass flatware too….  

“Brass Monkey, that funky monkey…”

1. Brass Planter by Schoolhouse Electric
2. Habibi Side Table by Philip Bro Ludvigsen for E15
3. You-Make-It Chandelier (DIY) by Lindsey Adelman
4. x3 watering can by Paul Loebach for Kontextur*
5. Hikari Pendent Light by Fiyel Levent* 
6. Vega 5 Chandelier by Schoolhouse Electric 
7. Brass Flatware from ABC Home + Carpet 
8. Origami Bowls by AKMD

Full Disclosure: My firm has a relationship with Kontextur + Fiyel Levent, but this is not a sponsored post and the opinions here are my own.  Thank you to Carly Loman, of DLD PR, for putting the collage together!