Farewell, Colorado (from Berry Patch Farms)

I think this is the perfect place to stop and take a break...
I started this blog two years ago. Otis was 1 and Theo was a few weeks away from being a little blip on the screen. I wanted to have something creative to work on while being a full-time mother. Writing a food blog was a weird undertaking, I suppose, as I'm not a chef, nor am I a photographer, a stylist or a writer. But over the past year the blog has evolved into something more than just recipes; it's a family journal of sorts and I'm happy to have this record so that I can look back on it from time to time.
Speaking of time, I've been thinking of that old adage, "timing is everything." Sadly our time in Colorado has run out. Though we thought we would stay here a bit longer, we realized a few days ago that this just wasn't going to work anymore. My husband's commute back and forth, coupled with a lack of real job prospects, was becoming too much. Our timing was off. And that is really a shame. 
Yet I am thankful that I got to spend a year, with my sons, in a wonderful (albeit quirky) house, with great friends, in a fantastic city...which we explored to the absolute fullest. Life has been good in Colorado. Adjusting to a substantially diminished quality of life back in New York City will take some getting used to, but we will make it work. Hopefully. And as best we can. 
Anyway, as we close the Colorado chapter of our life, I think this is also a good place to take a break from the blogging experience. Maybe I'll pick it up again once we are (re)settled, but right now I'm going to spend a lot more time offline, cook without pausing to take pictures, read some books (!), pack up the house and figure out what's next. 
Thanks to all of you who followed me on our Colorado journey. It was a good one. I really appreciated the comments-- from friends and from strangers. The Denver/Colorado food community is wonderful and I will miss being a part of it.
So, for my final Colorado post, I thought our recent trip to Berry Patch Farms would hit the right note. We cut our own flowers and basil and the boys picked their own strawberries.
It was the perfect afternoon.
Cheers, happy travels, happy eating and be well!
After the great-chicken-fiasco at Ollin Farms, I was a little worried about Otis when he laid eyes on the chickens and the rooster. But he did really well and has seemingly overcame his fear of these birds. 
Goodbye Denver. Goodbye Colorado. We will miss you oodles.