"Put a Bird On It"

I named my blog Sparrows and Spatulas because, well, I love birds. I also thought it would be a cute title for a weblog that documents my growing children (the 'sparrows') and the food we cook (the 'spatulas'). The image of the sparrow also worked well because birds travel from place to place, and I thought this blog would be a good place to document the places we visit-- whether they be near or far. 
I've been getting hundreds of hits a day (why, oh why, don't people leave comments?!), so I figured it was time to get a logo.
My friend Andrew put me in touch with his friend Peter Wu- an LA-based artist who also does design work on the side. He came up with this logo and he nailed it. (The 2 little leaves represent Otis and Theo. Love it!) So, this is a big thank you to Peter for his work! You did a great job.