The Clyfford Still Museum

When the Clyfford Still Museum opened in Denver a few months ago, I was elated. I was positively giddy. Have I mentioned how much I love Abstract Expressionism?! 
Clyfford Still was an important 20th century artist and he's often associated with Rothko and de Kooning, two of my favorites. But, if I can be truthful, I hadn't actually seen any of his pieces in person. There's good reason for this.
With the exception of the 1979 retrospective at The Met in NYC (when I was 3 years old), most of his work was sealed off from public and scholarly view, remaining with his estate after his death. 

The artist's will stipulated that "his estate be given in its entirety to an American city willing to establish a permanent museum dedicated solely to his work, ensuring its survival for exhibition and study." (CSM) The city of Denver won the bid, beating 21 cities who had also been vying for the museum, and it's been a cultural boon for the Mile-High city ever since its opening.
The inaugural exhibition (on display till September 2012) chronicles the progression of his work and it's one of the best collections I've seen in a long time. I took some photos of the boys at the museum (a building which has a great minimal architectural style)-- with my phone and without flash. There's one picture that Otis took too--a budding artist, perhaps? Enjoy.