Baby Blue Eyes

Sukkah City, Union Square, NYC

Baby Otis turned one years old in September, so we decided to have a little shindig in Prospect Park to celebrate the milestone.  We were fortunate that the weather cooperated (only a few days prior Brooklyn was hit by a tornado) and a great time was had by all our guests both old(er) and young.
I remembered almost everything on my checklist. Balloons? Check. Amazing photo cake from Lord's Bakery? Check. Italian subs? Check. Yummy "footlongs" with eggplant and home-made mozzarella from Lioni's in Dyker Heights? Check. Chairs, table, tablecloth, napkins, utensils, blankets? Check. "Adult party punch" (recipe will be posted at some point)? You bet. Camera?  Uh-huh.  You are probably wondering what item was forgotten and left charging in the wall. The camera battery! D'oh! 
So, we don't really have many photos from our picnic gathering.  I was sent a few on email and I took a few pictures with our video camera, but I don't have any high resolution SLR photos. I will take tons next year!  Promise.
I decided to put these up so you can see how this little guy is case you missed the party.  Otis laughs and giggles all the time and he has started to walk.  He also likes chasing, I mean walking with, pigeons and other small birds in the park. He is a budding wildlife enthusiast!

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