Gift Guide No. 2: For the Kids

We love gifting our children experiences; they use memberships to the Children's Museum, the Museum of Nature and Science, the Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Zoo over and over again (the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Denver Art Museum are free for children under 18 thanks to generous underwriting partners!).

We're also big fans of Craftsman & Apprentice who offer classes for kids, adult workshops, and host a "Parent's Night Out" where your kids can tinker for 3 hours while you go out for dinner! (What a great thing to give parents needing a break!)

But this is also the time of year we give our children something tangible, so here's a list of some inspired designs and practical gifts you might find useful (and yes we do have Pokemon cards and Star Wars action figures hidden in the closet, too!).

Happy Holidays! 

1. Tokyo Digs A Garden, here.

2. Decorate-A-Kids Teepee, here.

3. Deluxe Root Viewer (we love the Fat Brain site), here

4. All Day Ruckpack, here

5. Shipkite, from Haptic Lab, here.

6. Sleeping Queens card game (one of our favorites!), here

7. KooKoo Alarm Clock, here

8. Pottery Pillow from bfgf, here

9. Rug. Illustrator Chris Haughton (of "A Bit Lost" fame) turns one of his beloved characters into a rug produced by Node. The rugs are handmade and makers are affiliated with Fair Trade Nepal. Employees of the company (making the rugs) are also taught literacy and skills, and in addition to receiving fair wages, their work supports a school of 260 children and an orphanage of nineteen.